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Whether you work for a small startup, an established non-profit organisation, or a large and flourishing company, text is vital in creating and maintaining an image. You know your business best in Icelandic – but to communicate your brand in English, a professional translator can help ensure both your message and your image come across as you intended.


My translation clients over the past fifteen years have included a number of Icelandic companies, either directly or through communications firms. Assignments have ranged from website copy, pamphlets, and brochures to annual corporate reports. As with all my translation and editing work, I pride myself on accuracy, stylistic consistency, and conscientious attention to detail. I am also reliable: if I take on a job, you can be sure I will deliver on time.


Living in Reykjavík for over ten years – and returning regularly since moving to London – means that I understand cultural and linguistic nuances that might otherwise be lost in translation. I take great delight in finding English “solutions” to Icelandic idioms and clarifying cultural references in concise and elegant ways. In addition, I am always eager to learn new specialised vocabulary (ask me about fishing boats!).


Please get in touch to discuss your company’s translation needs and receive a quote.

Shauna has worked with us as a translator and proofreader on a number of projects, both small and large, for a diverse group of our clients. She is highly professional and easy to work with, and we hope to continue using her services in the future.

—Ingólfur Hjörleifsson, Copywriter and Analyst, Aton.JL

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