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About me

Im a US-born, Iceland-bred, and UK-based writer.

After completing my MA in art history from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2007), I relocated to Reykjavík to work in the vibrant art scene there. In addition to writing on local contemporary art, I taught courses in art history and theory at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, the University of Iceland, and the Reykjavík School of Visual Art. I also founded Art in Translation, a major transdisciplinary conference on language and the arts.

I went on to enrol in the Environment and Natural Resources programme at the University of Iceland, where I combined my background in aesthetics with my longstanding interest in the natural world. My MSc thesis (2018) concerned the biopolitics of the sustained but contested protection of the whooper swan in Iceland.

From my new home of London, I continue to write about art and topics at the intersection of nature and culture. My book-in-progress, The Gaze That Hovers, was shortlisted for the 2021 Nan Shepherd Prize for underrepresented voices in nature writing. When Im not writing, translating, or editing, I enjoy singing with my choir and dancing with my daughter.

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