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Words are my work and my passion. Whether they are part of my text or yours, I approach them with enthusiasm and a meticulous eye, eager to make them shine.

Raised in the Colorado Rockies, I studied art history in Ohio and California. I then spent a decade in Iceland, immersing myself as a writer and educator in Reykjavík’s vibrant art scene before earning a second post-graduate degree in environment and natural resources. Since 2018, I have lived with my partner and daughter in London.

My writing is informed by my background in the arts and environmental studies. What drives it, however, is my insatiable curiosity and a desire to connect: to bring together seemingly disparate strands of knowledge and experience; to integrate reason and emotion, perception and intuition; and to communicate my fascination with the intricacies of the world around me.

As a translator, my clients include Icelandic art institutions, academics, and companies both large and small. And as a copy editor and proofreader, I will happily polish just about anything written in English, whether by native or non-native speakers. Although I am based in the UK, my colleagues and clients are all over the globe, and I relish the expansion such a network brings.

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