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Þýðingar yfir á ensku / Icelandic-to-English translation

I have been translating from Icelandic since 2008, with clients including arts institutions, corporate and commercial enterprises, and scholars in assorted disciplines. Along with my multidisciplinary academic background, my extensive English-language copy editing experience means I am comfortable with a wide range of styles and topics. I am also equally versatile with translations into British or American English. Never satisfied until my clients are, I’m happy to review drafts with authors and keep fine-tuning until we get things right.

It’s always best to employ a native speaker of the target language – the language you are translating into – to translate your text. Similarly, if you want to convey not only the message of your Icelandic text in English, but also ensure an equivalent tone, correct syntax, and a polished flow, you are best served by a native English-speaker – and by an experienced writer and translator with a passion for words. Please be in touch to see if I can serve you.

More to come (góðir hlutir gerast hægt)

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