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Sounding site:
Listening, mingling, index and
reciprocity in the field

“Sounding site” was a collaborative piece written for the online peer-reviewed magazine Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts (Issue 2: Fieldwork, 2017).

From the editorial: “Unlikely’s open online format creates opportunities for the emergence of hybrid forms of academic writing. Collaborators Catherine Clover, Johanna Hällsten, and Shauna Laurel Jones use the journal to engage in dialogue with each other from three distant geographical locations (Melbourne, London, and Reykjavík) as they recall a very lively residency in an old church in east London. Field recordings of urban birds and the bell-ringing ceremonies of the church’s custodians alternate with photographs, textual tales, and thought excursions which extend the project well beyond the period of its original experience in Bethnal Green.”

Image courtesy of Catherine Clover and Johanna Hällsten

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