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Presentation at Living on a Volatile Earth, University of Oxford

It was an honour to present my thesis research at the Living on a Volatile Earth workshop, held on 11 June 2018 at the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford. Alongiside presentations by other geographers from Iceland and the UK, I delivered a summary of my research on the relationships between cultural values and conservation practices, focusing on the whooper swan in Iceland.

Organisers Beth Greenhough and Cyrus Nayeri descibed the event as follows: "This day-long workshop will explore how geographers are approaching human-environment relations in which the human body is interconnected and entangled with various ‘volatile’ agencies, including: geology, atmospheric phenomena, landscapes and animals. The workshop draws together human geographers from the University of Iceland as well as several UK-based geographers whose work shares a focus on the empirical context of Iceland. The event aims to draw out different theoretical and methodological approaches for exploring more-than-human relations as well as facilitating new networking opportunities."

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