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I've been particularly excited about the forthcoming Art Souvenir title on Paula Rego for two reasons: because it's the first book in the series that I will have worked on from start to finish, and because I've gained deep respect for Rego, an artist with such an uncompromising vision. Unfortunately the Covid-19 crisis has meant a delay in the printing and distribution of our new book, as well as two other forthcoming titles on Arne Jacobsen and Renoir, but stay tuned, as we fully intend to see these books through to completion.

Portuguese-born and UK-based, Rego is known for depicting familiar narratives (fairy tales, folk legends, Disney films) in a fresh light, as well as suggesting new narratives born of interpersonal and societal power dynamics. Art historian Ellen C. Caldwell, who wrote the essay for our Art Souvenir publication, has also written on Rego's powerful untitled series known as the Abortion Pastels (1998-99), a series which perhaps most clearly reveals the artist's unflinching approach.

The Art Souvenir title on Rego is published in co-operation with the artist and Marlborough Gallery.

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