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Environmental interpretation in
s parks and open spaces​

“Environmental interpretation in Reykjavík’s parks and open spaces” was a research project undertaken with Guðbjörg Runólfsdóttir under the supervision of Dr. Katrín Anna Lund and Dr. Snorri Sigurðsson. Sponsored by the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund and the City of Reykjavík in 2015, the project was nominated for the Presidential Student Innovation Award. 


Our applied research investigated opportunities to optimize environmental interpretation in Reykjavík’s green spaces. We selected four sites around the city (the “Breiðholt forest,” Laugarnes, Rauðhólar, and Ægisíða) and analyzed them through direct observations and the application of assessment criteria designed for this study. To illustrate the sites’ potential to engage and stimulate visitors, we conceived novel ideas for each, including sculptural play equipment, an interactive audio tour, and a site-specific concert series. Our study concluded that residents and tourists would benefit from a coordinated approach to interpretation in Reykjavík’s recreational areas and green spaces, and an approach that would more consistently uphold principles of best practice of environmental interpretation.​

Click below to read the full report (PDF, 111 pp.).

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